Call for Nominations



The Bridge Club will hold its annual General Meeting in September. At that time, there will be an election for the members of the Board of Directors.  Over the summer, a nominating committee, chaired by the Past President, Marvin Baer, will be seeking nominations for members to serve on the Board.  All the existing members of the Board are eligible for re-election and other nominations can be made in writing by any two members (with the written consent of the person nominated).  The Board consists of 13 members, including the following who are elected by the members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, Partnerships Chair, Promotions Chair, Education Chair, A Representative of the Intermediate and Novice Players and two members at large. The Past President and Club Manager are appointed by the Board.

If you wish to nominate or suggest anyone to serve on the Board please let Marvin know at

It’s Official

Our trial website has passed the test and the Board approved its purchase starting 1 September.  We are planning to have a tutorial at the club.  Date and time will to be announced.

Car magnets

We are trying a new idea to advertise our beginner lessons in September – car magnets.  We have a few available and would like to hand them out to anyone going shopping or out in public places where they could be displayed.  Please take one for a few days and pass them on.  Let’s get advertising!

BridgeWebs tutorial

If you Google “Naples Bridge Center” there is a tutorial about bridgewebs and how to navigate the site.  There is a huge amount of data and analysis in bridgewebs.

Trial Bridgewebs site

We have created a trial website using Bridgewebs, with the aim of providing much more complete results. The trial lasts until August 31. The new website is located at Please visit and offer any comments.

KDBC Name Tags

The name tag will include your name and Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club  and our logo.  They can be purchased through the club, Ruth Rees or directly through Specialty Trophies for $10.75.